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The source of quality of life

The success rate of Gastein’s therapies is remarkable: up to 90% of our patients see a relief in their suffering, improved quality of life and a reduction in the amount of medicine they need to take. Radon therapy successfully treats chronic conditions of the skeletal system, respiratory system, and the skin. Additionally, radon therapy is well suited to immunoprophylaxis .

Alpine altitude

Gastein’s alpine altitude encourages the body to increase its supply of oxygen, which ultimately leads to better health. The combination of radon, warmth and alpine altitude is something you will only find in Gastein!

Studies have shown that the rainwater is absorbed into the ground near the Graukogel and Hüttenkogel at about 1,800 metres above sea level; runs down to an altitude of 2,000 metres; warms up deep in the earth; and resurfaces at about 1,000 metres above sea level near the Badberg in Bad Gastein. The water flows from 18 different springs with a yield of five million litres per day.

Thermal waters

The thermal waters are lightly mineralised, contain radon and maintain a temperature of between 44 and 47°C.

Radon is a noble gas that escapes water like carbon dioxide escapes soda and is then collected in the air. The gas enters the body through breathing and can then work its healing magic. After approximately three hours, the gas is completely broken down.

The noble gas activates the metabolism, promotes regeneration of cells and produces pain-relieving substances in the body. The scientific foundation and effects of this spa treatment are constantly monitored and regulated by the “Gasteiner Tauernregion” Research Institute.

The dosage is key! The concentration of radon in the Gastein therapeutic caves as well as the thermal water is very low. It is only because of this low concentration that it has positive effects on the human body.

Which conditions can be treated through these treatments?

  • inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis and chronic polyarthritis
  • degenerative and disfiguring joint conditions (athrosis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis)
  • neuralgia and chronic pain
  • results of sport injuries and accidents
  • respiratory illness

Positive effects of the therapeutic cave treatment can also be seen in the following:

  • fertility and virility problems
  • geriatric-related conditions
  • skin conditions
  • weak immune system and allergies

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