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A naturally pain-free life through a unique climate

At the Impuls Hotel Tirol, our radon therapy – administered as a bath in-house or in the therapeutic caves – proves very successful when combined with holistic therapy, proper diet and targeted exercise. Our experienced spa physician Dr Martin Reith knows exactly how to create a personalised programme. Our guests have round-the-clock access to medical assistance.

We organise therapeutic cave treatments ourselves. The hotel arranges transfers.

What are the Gastein therapeutic caves?

  • Increased levels of radon (up to 4.5 nanocurie per cubic litre of air)
  • Warm, humid air (temperatures from 37°C to 41.5°C, relative humidity from 70 to almost 100%)
  • Speleotherapy conditions (ultra-clean, dust-free, allergen-free, low-bacteria air, therapeutic aerosols, negative ions)
  • Very successful in the treatment of respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinus infections and allergies such as hay fever

Which conditions can be treated?

  • Inflammatory, rheumatic diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis and chronic polyarthritis
  • Degenerative and disfiguring joint conditions (athrosis, spondylosis, osteochondrosis)
  • Neuralgia and chronic pain
  • Results of sport injuries and accidents
  • Respiratory illness

Tradition at the Impuls Hotel Tirol

A long history

Built in 1927, the health resort "Villa Tirol" has seen many, many guests who visit looking for health, rest and recovery. In the past, guests visited yearly to treat their bodies in the Gastein thermal springs. They stayed in Gastein for three or even four weeks where it was wonderful and fresh in the mountains. The "Tirol" – run by the Schmid family – has always been known as the health resort for the discerning guest…come and treat yourself to a health holiday in Bad Hofgastein and send us your no obligation enquiry today.

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