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Healthy spine - healthy body: Therapy in Gastein

What makes Gastein the perfect place for back problems?

The healing inert gas radon, which can be found in the Gastein Valley's famous Heilstollen, works together with other healing factors to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints. At the Impuls Hotel Tirol in Bad Hofgastein , you will encounter concentrated health expertise in the form of a trained team that recommends customised therapies and treatments. But why do back pains occur in the first place, which different kinds are there and what can you do as first aid?

Which kinds of back pain are there?

In general, we can distinguish between three groups of back pains. Pain in the upper back, at the level of the cervical vertebrae, is called cervicalgia. Pain in the lower back, at the level of the lumbar vertebrae, is called lumbalgia. Pain in the middle of the spine, at the level of the dorsal vertebrae, is called dorsalgia. The treatment depends on the area and type of pain. If you suffer from pains, you should always see a doctor. If necessary, a therapy can follow as the ideal treatment. The Impuls Hotel Tirol, the health hotel in Bad Hofgastein, offers you excellent care in all respects, and all of this in a mountain world that is unique in the whole state of Salzburg. This is why there is also a spa doctor at the Impuls Hotel Tirol in Gastein who creates a treatment plan choosing from a multitude of therapies and treatments for you as our guest.

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain - the lifestyle disease No 1. Home office, home schooling, lockdowns and the subsequent lack of exercise have exacerbated this problem. Back pain is mostly the result of overexerting the sinews and ligaments in the back. Pain in the upper area often comes from unhealthy postures or stress while pain in the lower back is triggered by abrupt or repeated strain or by a posture adopted over a long period of time.

What can I do about back pains? Prevention and first aid

If you want to combat and prevent mild back pain, you can do a few things yourself. First and foremost, an ergonomic workplace for sedentary work. You should sit upright with your feet on the floor and adjust the chair and table height so that your upper and lower legs form a right angle and your forearms can rest relaxed on the tabletop without lifting your shoulders. Another simple thing that you can implement: exercise. Consciously incorporating these into everyday life already helps to prevent the first back pain. Furthermore, targeted exercises help to relax and strengthen the problem areas in the back.

However, if the problems are already advanced, diagnosis and treatment are inevitable. Many patients with spine problems are fully convinced by the Gastein spa treatments in the Salzburger Land , but also healthy people benefit from a stay in the health resort in Salzburg. What is unique about the therapy in Gastein is the therapy with radon which is administered in the form of treatments in the famous therapeutic cave and radon thermal baths. If you have problems with your spine, do not hesitate to consult us at the Impuls Hotel Tirol in Gastein. Our highly trained and experienced team of therapist led by our spa doctor will support you in your recovery in the best possible way.

Radon - Gastein’s remedy

The inert gas radon which occurs naturally in the therapeutic cave and in Gastein’s radon thermal water has a positive effect on the pain receptors in the body. Instead of taking medicine that often has side effects, even chronic pain can be permanently relieved.

The pleasant warmth in the therapeutic cave (37-41.5 °Celsius) or in the thermal bath (37 to 38 °Celsius) will relax tensions in the shoulder and neck area. Tight muscles will get softer, blocks can can be released and malpositions can be corrected in a gentle way.

Combined with targeted treatments such as massages, medicinal peat, electrotherapy and physiotherapy, this will result in a SUSTAINABLE effect on back problems.

For this purpose, we combine this with targeted exercise under expert guidance at the Impuls Hotel. Spinal gymnastics, water gymnastics, balance training and yoga are a part of the daily programme. Many exercises are simple and can become valuable routines for everyday life even after your spa holidays.

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