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Fitness offers in the holidays in Bad Hofgastein

Targeted and supervised training and relaxing!

A specialty of our hotel in the Gasteinertal valley is the comprehensive focus on targeted and professionally supervised exercise and relaxation. Our top qualified trainers, physiotherapists and yoga teachers offer you a comprehensive programme with ca. 25 different training and relaxation classes in summer and in winter. In our fitness hotel with a spacious, bright gymnastics room, 100 m² fitness studio, in the naturally warm thermal water and in the open countryside of Salzburg’s Pongau region the joy of exercising will come naturally.

Our offer for your sports holidays in the Gasteinertal valley

Spinal training

Our body is supported and erected by the spine. As a channel for the spinal nerves it creates an indispensable connection between the brain and the body. Every disruption along the spine radiates to the neighbouring regions – head, arms, legs, but also the organs. Deviations of the spine (e.g. hollow back, hunched back or scoliosis) block the energy flow and reduce vitality. During spinal training with our competent therapists STRETCHING comes before STRENGTH and MOBILISATION. The special exercises will be individually tailored to your needs and level.

Group work in the gymnastics room
Duration: 50 min, free participation
Course dates can be found in the current weekly programme

Aqua fit

Water is not only essential but it also offers the possibility for various exercises. The minimal strain for the bones, sinews and ligaments is the decisive benefit of this exercise in the water which is offered with us in Gastein. Those who try a cardio training in the water will soon notice that Aqua fit is a highly intensive and full-fledged form of training. A customized cardio training brings the following benefits for the body:

  • Security & low injury risk
  • Relief of the joints
  • Strengthening of the holding and supporting apparatus
  • Improvement of flexibility
  • Cardio training
  • Vessel training
  • Massage of the skin
  • Metabolic stimulation
  • Relaxation
  • Improvement of the balance
  • Improvement of the coordination

Group work in the gymnastics room
Depending on the weather in the ALPINE or in the TRANQUILLITY thermal bath
Duration: 20 min, free participation
Course dates can be found in the current weekly programme


Coordination exercises for the whole body

Group work in the gymnastics room
Duration: 30 min, free participation
Course dates can be found in the current weekly programme

Relaxation according to Jacobsen

Relaxation exercises can lead to a better well-being. A possibility are relaxation exercises according to Jacobsen, the so-called progressive muscle relaxation. The progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen can reduce tensions which come from too much tension. If they are not treated they can lead to pain in the back and the muscles, headaches, digestive disorders as well as many other ailments. With the Jacobsen method such pains can be endured more easily. Relaxation exercises according to Jacobsen have further effects: breathing becomes more even, circulation improves and less stress hormones are produced. Also, the psyche benefits: the physical and mental well-being improves. Anxieties, pains and detrimental worries are reduced.

Group work in the gymnastics room
Duration: 50 min, free participation
Course dates can be found in the current weekly programme

The Impuls Hotel offers 25 different lessons of gymnastics and relaxation per week for free.

Nordic Walking

Stamina through gentle training

Nordic walking began in Finland and has recently experienced a real boom in popularity. By using special walking sticks, classic walking becomes a total-body workout with maximum results.

Nordic walking effectively works the stomach, chest and arm muscles. The results are natural fat loss and fat burning, leading to weight loss in no time at all.

Gentle total-body training

The strain on the back, knees and ankles is greatly reduced through the use of walking sticks. With the right technique, tension in the shoulders and neck area is released and pain is reduced.


“Walking” is fast-paced, rhythmic and relaxed marching. Everyone can get into shape by walking – regardless of weight, age or physical condition.

Located directly above the alpine spa, our fitness studio has a beautiful view of the Schlossalm. A key to the fitness studio can be collected at reception. Our exclusive Fit and Health Studio is a cut above other fitness studios: here, guests can get into shape in peace, with the option of consulting a personal trainer.

Step by step, experience the fun of a physically active life.

100 m² fitness studio

Training equipment of the highest quality

  • cardiovascular equipment (Life Fitness)
  • strength training equipment (Life Fitness)
  • back solution equipment (Dr. Wolf)
  • men’s and ladies’ changing rooms

Available upon request

  • individual training programme to fit your personal needs
  • one-on-one training with our physical therapist

Be active in the Gasteinertal valley: Browse through our offers for winter and summer and look forward to your sports holidays in our hotel in the Salzburg Alps. To balance your relax in the hotel’s own large spa from the thermal pools to saunas to health, beauty and vitality treatments which you need for your well-being and recreation.

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